Apple iPhone5: High Expectations for a Record-Setting Price Tag

When the iPhone 4S was announced this past October, many die-hard fans were dissapointed that the changes weren’t dramatic enough.  Apple introduced the iPhone to the Sprint network, enhanced their iSight camera to rival DSLR cameras, increased storage and offered up Siri as a standard feature that can only be found on the iPhone 4S (at the time it was offered through the app store.)

So the speculation about what an iPhone 5 might look like began.

Among many of the speculative accounts was the largely accepted notion that the release of the 4S was a bargaining chip for Apple to buy some more time in the development of the iPhone 5.  It was assumed that the 4S was released in order for Apple to stick with the annual iPhone release schedule they’d maintained since the iPhone’s first release in 2007.

History suggests that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 within the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, with no official word from Apple themselves, millions of Twitter users were quickly sucked into an outrageous rumor that the iPhone 5 had indeed been released, and with an $800.00 price tag.

As you could possibly imagine, the reactions were fast and fierce.  Some were outraged at the price hike, but others took to the Twittersphere to joke about the price, and what features the phone would have to have to justify it.  The ideas suggested were hilarious – so we compiled a top twenty list.

The Twenty Funniest Suggested Features for an $800 iPhone

(hashtags: #iPhone5$800 and #800DollarsForAniPhone)

1.  It better do my homework for me and get all the answers right.

2.  Siri better find out who killed Biggie and Pac.

3.  The alarm better tap me on my shoulder and say “Pardon me your excellency, it’s time to awaken.”

4.  If I lose it, it better come find me.

5.  I better be able to download food.

6.  It better turn into a jet when I put it in ‘Airplane Mode’.

7.  God and I better be able to Facetime.

8.  When I drop it, it better be able to catch itself before it hits the ground.

9.  Siri should have Morgan Freeman’s voice.

10.  It better have a battery that never dies, and unlimited GB space.

11.  It better come with 2 Fairly OddParents.

12.  When I play music, the artist better pop out and perform a live show.

13.  $800 isn’t bad.  Apple just forgot to mention that it’s a Transformer.

14.  It better have a celebrity contact list already installed.

15.  It better give me superpowers.

16.  It better come with store credit for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

17.  I better be able to live in it.

18.  That apple on the back better be full, I’m not paying that much for a half-eaten apple!

19.  It beter be able to fight back if someone tried to steal it.

20.  $800?  There goes my shot of ever getting an iPhone.

The Takeaway:

Apple is known for their marketing savvy that consistently breaks records for sales, even with products that are priced at a significant premium in their respective industries.  But the smartphone is already an amazing piece of technology.  So tell us, would you buy an $800.00 iPhone?  What would it have to do?  Leave your answers in the comment section below!

One Response to “Apple iPhone5: High Expectations for a Record-Setting Price Tag”

  1. First off, I think Apple will shock most non-techie people in calling it iPhone 6. Yes, the current order is EDGE(2G), 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, but I think they will side with the fact that this is the 6th iteration of it. Plus, it’s built to use iOS 6. It all points to iPhone 6, not 5.

    Anyway, $800 for an unsubsidized purchase of a brand new iPhone is not that unreasonable to me, especially if they start the storage space at 32GB instead of 16GB. I’m fairly reasonble to impress with new phones, and as a loyal iPhone user, I don’t look for big advances in the “niftiness” of it, but rather, drastic improvements in what matters most to me: battery life, ergonomics, processing capability, and flow of use. Flow is pretty much where it needs to be, I don’t expect much there. The big two things are battery life and ergonomics. If I’m going to use it all day long (which I do), it better last all day and not cramp my hands.

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