We like to think about how new technologies, trends, and events affect entrepreneurs and innovation – our mission at Whiteboard is contribute to the community of entrepreneurs and innovators in the Northeast, and to help build that community.  Whiteboard is a creation of Independent Software, an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, start ups, and small businesses build the next great web concepts.

If you’re an entrepreneur and are interested in being profiled in our Entrepreneur Profiles section, contact us.  If you have something interesting to say about technology in a guest blog post, you can contact us about that, too.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey guys,

    I am a freelance political consultant based in Philadelphia. I have been reading your blog for blog for a while now and find the information on technology you provide to be the most cutting edge than anywhere else on the web for entrepreneurs who really want information that is relevant to today’s economy.

    I have noticed that not much have ever been writing on the marriage of the GPS E-mapping and organizing (either constituents, customers, etc). Outside of the standard Google tools do you know of any other software that ties GPS mapping technology with organizing of constiuents/customers.


    Mavinga Mambo
    Mambo Strategies

  2. Mavinga, one application of maps features in the political arena is a local company here in Connecticut called SeeClickFix.com.

    This company uses mapping technology to allow communities to identify issues on the one hand, and on the other allows other citizens and government officials access to the feedback.

    Very, very interesting tool. The founder, Ben Berkowitz, is featured in our Entrepreneur Profiles section. Check them out!

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