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The Rarest Breed: CS Graduates (Part 1)

Why aren’t the unemployed, and current students, flocking to Computer Science degrees? How do we unlock the economy of the future and get the US public working again?

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Shelton Startup Receives $150,000 in Pre-Seed Funding, And so Can You!

Securing funding is a huge achievement for a startup, one that is also tough to pursue. There’s no perfect recipe for creating investment opportunities for your startup, but you can learn from those who are leading the way. This article examines a recent Connecticut Innovation’s funding announcement more closely for a few key lessons that we think could contrubute to your chances of securing capital.

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How To: Secure Your Computer in 5 Minutes or Less

Every other week, the Whiteboard’s very own techie will share with the community some of his favorite tips and tricks for a large variety of gadgets and their respective platforms. This week, we feature what you need to know about password security. Learn how to get the most from your first line of defense against a hacker.

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Popular Vote Winner - MeritBooster

Entrepreneur Profile: Keshav Patel, Merit Booster

We ask Keshav Patel, 14 year-old CEO of Merit Booster, our Eight Questions for Entrepreneurs. MeritBooster helps young people use the internet and their social networks to find funding and other resources for their projects, school activities and ideas for changing the world.

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Guest Post: Erin Palmer, “How Online Education Compares to a Traditional Classroom”

Erin Palmer of Bisk Education shares with us her thoughts about the differences between online education vs. a more traditional in-class setting.

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