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Entrepreneur Profile: Shana Schneider, FITWEEK

Fitness is an important part of any lifestyle. What most don’t know is that pursuing a fit and healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, an inconvenience, or a challenge that you face alone. This month, we feature an interview with entrepreneur Shana Schneider of FitWeek. Her venture is working to connect individuals interested in starting their wellness journey with fitness options in their own city or town. The first FitWeek will be launch in New Haven this Fall, with special events and free demo sessions in everything from Zumba, to Pilates, and even Salsa dancing.

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Grab Bag: Products We’d Love to See (Snack Shock)

As a multi-billion dollar industry, the world of weight-loss seems to include every gimmick, diet, and tool that promises to shed the pounds and improve your health. We decided to dream up one the would actually deliver.

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Get Your Apps Back on Track (New Year’s Resolution Check)

New Years Resolutions are notoriously unachievable. Could your smartphone hold the secret to keeping you on track? (“Siri, should I eat this slice of chocolate cake?”) We’ve researched the most helpful tools for the toughest resolutions.

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Connecticut’s first ever was held at Yale on April 2nd, 2011, and brought together healthcare professionals, innovators, consultants and technologists from around the region.

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