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Guest Post: Don’t Overdo Your Facebook Marketing, Anita Brady

Marketing is a huge part of any startup. And what’s effective marketing without the use of social media? Breaking ground on your own social media campaign can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, we feature a guest post by the industry veteran and president of 123Print, Anita Brady. As she shares her experience with social media marketing, we’re sure that many of you will be more confident with moving your own social media plans forward.

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The Rarest Breed: CS Graduates (Part 1)

Why aren’t the unemployed, and current students, flocking to Computer Science degrees? How do we unlock the economy of the future and get the US public working again?

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9 Ways to Guarantee That Your Startup Doesn’t Get Funded

Getting your startup off of the ground requires hard work, determination, and of course -funding. With so many entrepreneurs vying for investors attention and capital, what steps should you take in order to stand out? While the answer isn’t 100% clear, we have compiled a list of things that you definitely shouldn’t be doing. Check it out!

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