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Grab Bag: Public Service Announcement?

Unemployment has been flagged as a complex issue that our country is facing, and with dozens of programs, methods, and networks designed to get people back at work, it may seem that the solution needs to be equally complex. But what if it weren’t?

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The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Part 1: Do Public Pre-Seed Investments Create Jobs?

Part 1 in our series on “The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem,” this article focuses on the work of “Connecticut’s public VC,” Connecticut Innovations, in spurring startup activity through pre-seed activity.

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Our Political Environment: John Mertens, Independent Candidate for US Senate

During last Tuesday’s #swCT 2010 session, a number of political candidates were present to offer insight into how they used social media to gain more exposure and publicity. After the session, Independent Software staff had the pleasure of interviewing John Mertens, a candidate running for U.S. Senate as part of the Connecticut Lieberman Party, to understand his views on entrepreneurship and small businesses.

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