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Grab Bag: Aggregation Aggravation

As a budding innovator, you have a lot of new things to learn. A new vocabulary is one of those things. Forget Googling terms that you don’t know, we’ve found a much more fun and uh…’youthful’ way to brush up on your entrepreneurial buzzwords.

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Grab Bag: Products We’d Love to See (Snack Shock)

As a multi-billion dollar industry, the world of weight-loss seems to include every gimmick, diet, and tool that promises to shed the pounds and improve your health. We decided to dream up one the would actually deliver.

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Get Your Apps Back on Track (New Year’s Resolution Check)

New Years Resolutions are notoriously unachievable. Could your smartphone hold the secret to keeping you on track? (“Siri, should I eat this slice of chocolate cake?”) We’ve researched the most helpful tools for the toughest resolutions.

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