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Grab Bag: Aggregation Aggravation

As a budding innovator, you have a lot of new things to learn. A new vocabulary is one of those things. Forget Googling terms that you don’t know, we’ve found a much more fun and uh…’youthful’ way to brush up on your entrepreneurial buzzwords.

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Get Your Apps Back on Track (New Year’s Resolution Check)

New Years Resolutions are notoriously unachievable. Could your smartphone hold the secret to keeping you on track? (“Siri, should I eat this slice of chocolate cake?”) We’ve researched the most helpful tools for the toughest resolutions.

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Event: Social Media Sync | Facebook Timeline Apps (02/14)

Facebook is undoubtedly the most powerful social networking site in the world. What could their new feature mean for your startup? Mark your calendars for this event that you won’t want to miss!

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