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Guest Post: Don’t Overdo Your Facebook Marketing, Anita Brady

Marketing is a huge part of any startup. And what’s effective marketing without the use of social media? Breaking ground on your own social media campaign can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, we feature a guest post by the industry veteran and president of 123Print, Anita Brady. As she shares her experience with social media marketing, we’re sure that many of you will be more confident with moving your own social media plans forward.

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Apple iPhone5: High Expectations for a Record-Setting Price Tag

The rumor of an outrageous $800 iPhone 5 swept through the Twitterverse today, with fans speculating on what would justify that sky-high price. Apple products are known for being pricy and breaking some of the industry’s biggest records, but will the iPhone 5 come packed with features that no one could’ve predicted? Will the iPhone 5 meet fans high expectations? Rather than speculate about fact, we gathered the funniest ideas proposed on Twitter. The results are hilarious.

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How To: Secure Your Computer in 5 Minutes or Less

Every other week, the Whiteboard’s very own techie will share with the community some of his favorite tips and tricks for a large variety of gadgets and their respective platforms. This week, we feature what you need to know about password security. Learn how to get the most from your first line of defense against a hacker.

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Design Tools: TypeTogether

Every Wednesday, the Whiteboard’s very own in-house design wizard will share with the community some of his favorite sources of inspiration. This week, we feature a type reference tool designed especially for those looking to move their projects to the next level, and others searching for inspiration.

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Event: PodCamp CT (POSTPONED – 05/12/2012)

Mark you calendar for this great networking event that you won’t want to miss!

PodCampCT was postponed – stay tuned for the new date.

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