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Apple iPhone5: High Expectations for a Record-Setting Price Tag

The rumor of an outrageous $800 iPhone 5 swept through the Twitterverse today, with fans speculating on what would justify that sky-high price. Apple products are known for being pricy and breaking some of the industry’s biggest records, but will the iPhone 5 come packed with features that no one could’ve predicted? Will the iPhone 5 meet fans high expectations? Rather than speculate about fact, we gathered the funniest ideas proposed on Twitter. The results are hilarious.

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The Practical Project: Making it Work for Your Small Team

For small teams, traditional project management could be overkill. In this installment of our ongoing project mangement series, you’ll learn how to customize the big picture in order to fit your unique team, values, and goals.

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9 Ways to Guarantee That Your Startup Doesn’t Get Funded

Getting your startup off of the ground requires hard work, determination, and of course -funding. With so many entrepreneurs vying for investors attention and capital, what steps should you take in order to stand out? While the answer isn’t 100% clear, we have compiled a list of things that you definitely shouldn’t be doing. Check it out!

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