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Apple iPhone5: High Expectations for a Record-Setting Price Tag

The rumor of an outrageous $800 iPhone 5 swept through the Twitterverse today, with fans speculating on what would justify that sky-high price. Apple products are known for being pricy and breaking some of the industry’s biggest records, but will the iPhone 5 come packed with features that no one could’ve predicted? Will the iPhone 5 meet fans high expectations? Rather than speculate about fact, we gathered the funniest ideas proposed on Twitter. The results are hilarious.

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Shelton Startup Receives $150,000 in Pre-Seed Funding, And so Can You!

Securing funding is a huge achievement for a startup, one that is also tough to pursue. There’s no perfect recipe for creating investment opportunities for your startup, but you can learn from those who are leading the way. This article examines a recent Connecticut Innovation’s funding announcement more closely for a few key lessons that we think could contrubute to your chances of securing capital.

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